Paving a Path Forward

We serve a broad mix of people in diverse communities across the country. Learn more about the make-up of CommonSpirit Population Health and who we serve.

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Now to each one the
manifestation of the Spirit is given
for the common good”

1 Corinthians 12:7 NIV

Our Commitment:
Six Operating Principles for How We Work Together

  1. First, do no harm

  2. We presume good intentions

  3. We respect & celebrate people’s unique lived experiences

  1. We prioritize humanity & joy in work

  2. We base our work in evidence and strive for analytic rigor

  3. We seek to realize extraordinary opportunities of scale while deeply respecting local expertise

Our Goals

  1. Develop key infrastructure to enable and accelerate CSH’s population health capabilities
  2. Drive excellence in value-based care
  1. Meaningfully, measurably improve health and address inequities
  2. Position CSH as a nationally-recognized source of population health thought leadership and advocacy

Our Mission

CommonSpirit Population Health is a community of healers and leaders across the country committed to driving meaningful, measurable improvement in health and financial sustainability through excellence in value-based care.

Our Vision

CommonSpirit Population Health will be the nation’s leading value-based health system, illuminating a path for the transformation of American health care premised on a commitment to equity, population health, financial stewardship, and a prioritization of the vulnerable.

Enterprise Population Health Structure

Why Population Health?

Healthier people. Stronger communities. A health care system better matched to our ideals and the drivers of poor health. CommonSpirit Population Health has an ambitious agenda as we serve more than 2.7 million people under value-based agreements across our communities.

Value-based Agreements

Our value-based agreements (VBAs) with payers and purchasers align incentives and reward our efforts to improve population health. Our goal is to provide better care and ensure that CommonSpirit Health becomes the nation’s leading value-based health system.

VBA Attributed People

Thanks to the efforts of more than 20,000 clinicians and staff in our communities, our broad population health community manages health and wellness for more than 2.7 million people.


Our value-based agreements span insurance types across government and commercial payers, with a diverse portfolio of payment models and risk arrangements.

Value Hubs

Communities across the country are served by CommonSpirit Health’s various Value Hubs, which are dedicated to advancing value-based care and delivering population health services in their local markets. Value Hub is our umbrella term for local entities that support value-based care, including Clinically Integrated Networks (CINs) and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Value Hubs promote VBA growth and provide, procure or coordinate services, performance management activities, and collaboration forums.

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2.3M managed lives

$14B+ contracted total medical spend

320+ value-based agreements

6k employed medical providers

1.1k ambulatory sites

22 Regional Value Hubs

Ecosystem of Value Hubs


Medicare ACO


MSSP Earned Savings


Bundled Payments for Care Improvement


BPCI Results


Core Partner: Connected Community Network (CCN)