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Board of Managers

Arkansas Health Network

A model of leadership success

Moving from fee-for-service to a value-based model requires experienced and dynamic leadership, and Arkansas Health Network (AHN) has found this vital expertise in its exemplary board of managers. Under their skillful guidance, the physician-driven network has seen its focus on quality measures yield enhanced care and millions in shared savings.

“For the last five to six years, they have been instrumental in guiding AHN through the journey of value-based care,” says Bob Sarkar, AHN’s president and CEO. “Their contribution to AHN’s repeated success has been one of our key foundational building blocks.”

The board of managers is comprised of independent practice physicians, CHI St. Vincent-employed physicians, administrative leaders and community representatives. Board members include:

David Foster, M.D.
Daniel Felton, M.D.
David Griffen, M.D.
Srinivasan Ramaswamy, M.D.
William McColgan, M.D.
John Meadors, M.D.
David Coussens, M.D.
Kyle Roper, M.D.
B. Brooks Lawrence, MD
Bob Sarkar
Nutan Bhaskar, M.D.
J.P. Wornock, M.D.
John Jones, M.D.
Lisa Sajovitz, M.D.

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