MAT Champions (MATch)

The MATch program connects medications for addiction treatment (MAT) provider champions with providers starting out in their care for patients with opioid use disorder, offering them the resources, tools and mentorship they need to feel supported in providing evidence-based addiction care.


Assuring equitable access to compassionate, evidence-based addiction care is critical in supporting our patients’ needs and addressing morbidity and mortality from substance use. Physicians and advanced practice providers should be prepared in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with substance use disorders, and their support staff should be knowledgeable in how to best support this care.

Evidence-based practice includes the use of medications for addiction treatment (MAT), such as buprenorphine, which requires DEA x-waiver licensure. Access to MAT in a community has been shown to be a predictor of opioid use disorder morbidity and mortality (Volkow, 2014): access saves lives, reduces complications from drug use, including overdoses, and saves money (Volkow, 2014; Ling, 2012; Woody, 2014; Mohlman, 2016). We are obliged to assure equitable access to MAT and other forms of comprehensive, evidence-based addiction care across the CommonSpirit Health (CSH) enterprise. Providers need to be encouraged and supported in providing addiction care. This includes mentorship by clinical champions and support with tools and guidelines for providers and their staff who are starting out in providing MAT.

A MAT Champions (MATch) Mentorship Initiative will serve as a signature program of the Population Health Addiction Network, supported by the Addiction Treatment Access Group (ATAG).



The MAT Champions program, or “MATch”, will include longitudinal Mentorship, clinical Advisory, and evidence-based, high-value tools and guidelines:

CommonSpirit MATch Program


  1. Increase access to compassionate, evidencebased MAT care;
  2. Promote equity for all substance use disorder patients seeking care across CSH;
  3. Support providers and staff in providing addiction care with high-value tools and guidelines;
  4. Foster professional mentorship and support that promotes evidence-based practice;
  5. Highlight and learn from best-practice champions across CSH


  1. Population Health leadership (executive sponsor, Dr. Alisahah Cole)
  2. Physician Enterprise leadership (executive sponsor, Dr. Gary Greensweig)
  1. MAT/ALTO group
  2. MAT champions/mentors
  1. MAT frontline providers/ mentees (waivered providers, grant recipients, providers with interest)


Initiative implementation will be managed by the CSH Population Health Innovation & Policy team with clinical guidance from Dr. Julian Mitton and strategic guidance from Nisha Pasupuleti. Key stakeholders will be engaged March 2021, with a plan to invite mentees and launch initial activities starting April 2021. Activities will run for an initial six months through October 2021, at which point an internal review will evaluate success and consider future direction.

CommonSpirit MATch Program

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