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Effectively managing issues of substance use requires addressing it on multiple levels, from treating patients to supporting the providers who deliver their care. CommonSpirit Population Health is working to ensure frontline providers have the evidence-based tools, resources and expert guidance they need to be effective healers for patients with substance use disorders through an Addiction Network

The Addiction Network will gather these resources and make them easily accessible. It will provide evidence-based toolkits and help digest and disseminate best practices. It also will connect providers with others doing similar work through an online learning community that includes a mentorship program (MATch), discussion boards and frequent virtual case-based discussions with expert addiction providers.

Hosted on the Population Health website, the Addiction Network also will offer resources and tools for other staff members who are critical team members and vital to the success of addiction treatment. Plus, it will seek to offer meaningful and inclusive assistance to patients and their families, inviting them to share their experiences.

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Opioid Initiatives

CommonSpirit Population Health’s Opioids Initiative, as a program of the Addiction Network, was created to help its providers align clinical practice with evidence-based practice, assure equitable access to medications for addiction treatment (MAT) and provide support to providers caring for patients with opioid use disorder (OUD) through the development of an addiction network learning community. It’s designed to:

  • Align with Evidence-based Practice: Providers will be given dashboard data on their opioid-prescribing patterns compared to national standards and professional peers. Opportunities for practice improvement will be identified through a peer-review process. Best-practice standards and evidence-based medicine will be provided through a variety of learning opportunities.

  • Ensure Access to MAT: Providers must be trained in MAT to provide this critical, life-saving care and be licensed to prescribe buprenorphine for OUD through the X-waiver process. Providers across a variety of clinical settings will be able to initiate evidence-based treatment for OUD and help navigate their patients — with support from designated substance use disorder navigators — along a path to recovery. Telehealth technologies will be leveraged to ensure equitable care across the CommonSpirit Health enterprise, with around-the-clock access to MAT and patient navigation for all in need. Providers will be supported in this care through a mentorship program and with best-practice guidelines.

What if we could slow the opioid epidemic?

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Become a MAT Champion (MATch)

The MATch program connects medications for MAT provider champions with providers new to caring for patients with opioid use disorder. Experienced MAT providers should consider joining the MATch Mentorship Initiative.

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Committed to providing lifesaving, compassionate, evidence-based treatment to patients with addiction, CommonSpirit Health is excited to announce a clinical partnership with BrightHeart Health. The partnership will provide complementary, low-threshold telehealth Medication-Assisted Treatment (TeleMAT) for patients with opioid use disorder.

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