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PHIP Team Member Profiles

Dr. Brisa Hernandez

“Encourage and provide support and assistance to those in need. My daughters motivate me, I want to model the importance of being there for others and showing kindness.”

Reena John

“Practice empathy. Practice gratitude. Be present. Listen intently to others – both in word and meaning.”

Mieasha Harris

“Show others you care; be observant; offer a smile, an uplifting word; small gestures go a long way.”

Kimm Hurley

“I work to be inclusive , attentive, generous and responsive to others as often as I can.”

Samantha Ross

“Being kind to my neighbors, practicing empathy with those I do not know, offering words of positivity and encouragement.”

Dr. Julian Mitton

“Being kind with myself, gentle with and present to those around me, and devoting myself to the service of others.”

Nisha Pasupuleti

“I try to share every day – whether it’s a kind word, gift, or food for a friend in need.”

Dr. Alisahah Jackson

“I practice humankindness by extending grace to all those I meet. I believe everyone has innate value and are deserving of love and kindness.”