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Rosa Vicente-Soito: Partnering for Growth and Performance

True leaders not only look to the future, they also look beyond their prescribed scope for growth opportunities. Over the last year, Rosa Vicente-Soito has shined as a leader by looking at her market and partnering on growth and performance beyond the contracting requirements of the CIN.

Vicente-Soito serves as Executive Director for three clinically integrated networks — North State Quality Care Network (NSQCN), San Joaquin Quality Care Network (SJQCN), Central Valley Quality Care Network (CVQCN) — and has taken on a leadership role for a major Medi-Cal contract for Central California Alliance for Health in Santa Cruz and Merced that aren’t part of her scope.

“She sees a job that needs to be done, and she does it. She’s helping to build more of a continuum of care,” says Kathy Bristow, System Vice President for Operations and Integration. “She is always asking about strategic opportunities. Plus, anytime anyone in Northern California or her greater region wants to explore value-based care, she shows up and helps to figure it out.”

Vicente-Soito also uses her nursing background and applies her clinical patient advocacy skills to her work.

“As nurses, our job is to always look out for the best interest of our patients; sometimes we are all they have,” Vicente-Soito says. “Today, I am fortunate to be able to do that on a larger scale — to look out for the best interest of our populations in the communities we serve.”

That philosophy and commitment draw others to her. “Rosa is wonderful to work with,” Bristow adds.



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