Clock iconOctober 7, 2021

A Message From Dr. Thomas McGinn, EVP Physician Enterprise, on CommonSpirit 2026

Since Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health aligned to form CommonSpirit Health in 2019, our ministry has been focused on the pursuit of clinical excellence, operational alignment and efficiency, and the shaping of a culture that unites and uplifts the 150,000 people within the ministry who answer their calling to serve each and every day. As physicians, advanced practice providers, and clinic leaders (whether in direct patient care or behind the scenes), your contributions in all of these areas have been instrumental in our maturation and our success as an aligned ministry.

We have learned a great deal from the ministry’s collective (and ongoing) experiences during the pandemic. The time is right to introduce not only the ministry’s first strategic roadmap but also the path to its success: CommonSpirit 2026 is outlined in today’s message from CommonSpirit CEO Lloyd Dean.

CommonSpirit 2026 focuses the ministry’s effort and attention in three key areas: Our People, Our Excellence, and Our Future. And within each of those areas, a small number of priorities or drivers have also been identified.

As the front door to this ministry with more than 14 million patient encounters each year, the Physician Enterprise will play a critical role in these priorities. Each of you has an important role in building our future, whether it’s driving the highest clinical standards and delivering evidence-based medicine, designing a practice environment that engages our patients and enables our clinic teams to deliver exceptional care, finding efficiencies in our revenue cycle, engaging with our patients to bring them in for their missed screenings, developing new workflows, or building an integrated delivery network that is easy to navigate across the care continuum. These are just a few examples. There are so many more.

CommonSpirit 2026 celebrates effort and progress, and invites every member of our ministry to see their work reflected in our success and our future. And so as you review the pillars and our strategic roadmap, I hope you will take an opportunity to do just that: Appreciate how your daily contributions are strengthening the future of this ministry.

Thank you for everything you do.



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