San Joaquin Quality Care Network


One of the newest networks in California, San Joaquin Quality Care Network (SJQCN) has 388 providers and manages more than 3,000 lives. As a newer network, SJQCN has been focusing on building community relationships and educating CIN participants about the contracts they are involved in.

To further educate SJQCN providers on the network and the contracts, as well as their performance data, the network plans to hold regular town hall meetings with groups to discuss new contracts (including benchmarks and quality metrics), review data, and discuss areas of improvement.

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At a Glance

  • Region: West
  • Year started: 2017
  • Leadership: Rosa Vicente-Soito, Executive Director
  • Website:
  • MSSP: Basic Track, Level A, as part of Dignity Health Care Network MSSP ACO
  • Lives Managed: 3,100
  • Providers: 120

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