Arkansas Health Network


The largest accountable care organization (ACO) in the state, Arkansas Health Network (AHN) manages nearly 88,000 lives, including nearly 40,000 Medicare patients. AHN, which is led by a 14-member board, serves patients across central Arkansas.

AHN is the only MSSP-ACO in the state based solely in Arkansas that has generated savings and received incentives. It achieved a score of 92.5% and 86.6% for GPRO Quality Metrics, in 2017 and 2018, respectively.

AHN has consistently achieved high marks for quality and savings. For 2017, the network netted a $2.9 million payout from CMS, sharing in a nearly $6 million savings. Then, in 2018, AHN saved $12.4 million, earning a $6.2 million payout.

Strategy Highlight:

A key strategy for the network is to focus on providing population health management services for local employers and their health plans, which includes a high-value provider network and advanced care management. In 2018, AHN saved $1.29 million for the CHI St. Vincent Employee Health Plan. The network was also awarded nearly $1 million for the successful management of the QualChoice Advantage population.

To aid in this employer group strategy, AHN launched a partnership in 2018 with Arkansas Children’s Care Network (ACCN). This partnership involving functional integration of an adult and pediatric clinically integrated network is the first of its kind in the industry. AHN and ACCN remain two independent clinically integrated networks and will collaborate together using a multidisciplinary care management approach and advanced analytic tools to manage the members on a self-insured employer’s health plan. Together, AHN and ACCN can care for members from birth to retirement with their respective expertise in adults and pediatrics.

The model addresses the rising costs of health care, plan beneficiaries’ health and well-being, and access to primary care in the central Arkansas region. The goal of this innovative, new population health coordinated care delivery model is better patient outcomes and experiences at a lower cost to both self-funded employers and subscribers and beneficiaries to their employee health plans. For more information please click on:

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At a Glance

  • MSSP: Track 2
  • Lives Managed: 87,352
  • Providers: 2,205