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"The Heart of Every Community is its People."

Together is the Way Forward

When our country faces challenges, we will get through it, together.

Changing lives in Arizona at the Center for Transitional Care

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Healing begins with people: Care Coordination in Santa Cruz

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What if we could slow the opioid pandemic?

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Thank You, Heroes

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Humanity will Light the Way

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Our Mission

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Unleashing the Healing Power of Humanity

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Spirit of Work

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Humanity Will Light the Way

We are healers and helpers, advocates and innovators. These are the real faces, voices and stories of CommonSpirit Health.

Reflective Pause

Our spirits are fed when we take time to contemplate our relationships and the meaning of our work. Use these prompts to reflect on your thoughts and emotions.

Watch Guided Meditation Videos

Reflecting on Worry, a Guided Meditation

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Reflecting on Hope, a Guided Meditation

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Try these reflection exercises

Sacred Stories

As CommonSpirit Health, we make the healing presence of God known in our world by improving the health of the people we serve, especially those who are vulnerable, while we advance social justice for all. Sacred Stories convey ways our mission is being lived out by the gifted people in our ministry. We invite you to use these stories for inspiration, as a meeting reflection, or to encourage discussion with your team.

Always A Reason

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A Celebrated Farewell

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God’s Perfect Timing

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The Power of Being Present

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Fulfilling a Last Request

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Our Famous Patient

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The Gift of Citizenship

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Inspirational Quotes

Peruse these quotes to find words of wisdom, an inspirational spark or a little something to smile about.

Inspiring Social Media

Review the most recent posts on CommonSpirit’s work in the community, brand philosophy, company news, wellness information and more.

Inclusion depends on the idea that every person has the right to the same resources and that each person should be treated with the same respect. We follow this philosophy at CommonSpirit Health and we promote inclusion both in our workplaces and our relationships with our patients.

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We are part of CommonSpirit Health, and we have adapted to new values that fit with our global mission and vision. Inclusion, compassion, integrity, excellence, and collaboration are our guiding principles.

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At CommonSpirit Health, we are committed to building a nation of diversity and inclusion. We celebrate the voices and gifts of each person, and we respect every group of people. Join us in raising our voices and standing up to prejudices that our communities consistently face.

Gratitude Corner

Our health care providers and staff on the front lines put our patients first every day, and the communities we serve are saying thank you.

Making a Difference

Volunteers give so much without asking for anything in return because there’s no greater reward than rewarding others with kindness. Thank you to all the volunteers in our communities who serve the common good.

Great Big Thank You

Have people send in or tag posts of themselves with a giant thank you sign or even a letter in the word "thank you". Post as many as possible every day so that the Instagram grid for each of the hospitals is completely taken over with thank you messages (as opposed to being only scheduled posts). Could also work for FB feed or stories.

Spotify Playlist

Playlists are being developed with our frontline staff in mind to put them at ease and allow to relax. (Country music, rock and roll, pop and classical.)

Heroes Work Here

Signage and a set of instructions developed and ready to ship to facilities who wish to have a special greeting for the staff entering the facilities.

Handwritten Thank You Cards

Cards can be ordered and distributed as needed through an online ordering system and single print resource.

Cheering Squad

As employees come to work each morning and evening shift they are cheered, clapped, thanked and celebrated by the departing group. Elevate this initiative with messaging and handheld signs to bring this warm welcome to life alongside familiar faces.

Thank You Care-a-Van

Inspired by EMT vehicles flashing lights in Phoenix, Tweet out times for the people in cars to show up at the hospital (ex: during shift change in the evening) and either coordinate cheering with windows rolled down or honking or flashing lights.